Eric Racine is a French Canadian artist, author, composer, filmmaker, and sound engineer. Actor and musician of the underground scene, he officially launched his career under the label of Racine Studios. He signs the musical arrangements of his pieces, as well as the entirety of the phonographic and cinematographic productions.





The launch of his first single "Let It Go", released in June 2017, marks the beginning of the artistic unveiling of the performer. The musical style is distinguished by the deep and abrasive voice of Eric Racine, the bewitching etheric guitars and the presence of the piano.





October 2019, the second single "Au-delà" surprises with its symphonic arrangements swapped with etheric guitars. Molière’s language also takes its place, reflecting the polarized avenues of a bilingual musical project, just like the Canadian roots of its songwriter.





Eric Racine grew up in a modest family. Born on October 6, 1980, in a small town in Eastern Canada, he had an early curiosity in developing artistic projects. Passionate about applied arts, he began to take an interest in music at a young age.


A piano is part of the family scenery, Eric Racine will take some private lessons. However, it is through another instrument that the call of music will be heard. He gets his very first guitar in a clearance sale. This is where his relationship with the world of music begins.





To follow his inclination, he prefers investing his study time according to his interests. Frequently, he misses classes he considers less useful to his evolution. To quench his thirst for artistic knowledge, he takes refuge in the library. This self-taught way of learning in the fields of his passions will guide him through all his life.


He makes his way in different theatre troupes, reinforcing his visceral commitment to communicate emotion. It was at that time, by developing various projects with other musicians, that Eric Racine discovered his strength for composition. His talent as an author is then in full effervescence.

Also, he revives his passion for the visual arts after being offered, by a painter met by hitchhiking, his first canvas and some brushes. Eric Racine will continue to paint works that will later be associated with his musical creations.





Eric Racine continues his training in the field of filmmaking and acting. In addition to his academic background, there will be seminars in visual effects, photo direction and sound engineering. In 2016, he founded Racine Studios; an independent label and artistic vector.